How Often Should a Landlord Inspect Rental Property in Tacoma, WA?

How Often Should a Landlord Inspect Rental Property in Tacoma, WA?

Think about all the things you do as a landlord:

  • Receive calls from tenants with problems
  • Show vacant units
  • Complete a list of repairs

How do you have time for everything? The truth is you probably don't have time to handle all their duties. As a result, you might skip things, including rental property inspections.

But it would help if you inspected your properties routinely. It enables you to learn their conditions and what work they need.

Here is a guide to help you learn when to inspect each property.

Every Time Tenants Move In or Out

Your rental property inspection timeline should include two vital times for hosting inspections. The first is when a tenant moves into a unit. The second is when a tenant moves out.

You can use a move-in and move-out checklist when conducting these inspections. This rental property inspection checklist serves as a guideline.

There are several purposes for conducting inspections when tenants move in and out.

First, the inspection ensures you're providing high-quality rental properties. Secondly, the move-in inspection documents the unit's condition when the tenant moves in.

Secondly, inspecting the units after tenants move out gives evidence of damage. You need this proof if you hold back part of the tenant's security deposit.

Additionally, inspecting the unit after a tenant moves out allows you to make the necessary updates and repairs.


You can encourage your tenants to renew their leases by providing excellent maintenance.

To do this, you must conduct annual maintenance property inspections. Some landlords do this monthly or quarterly, depending on the type of inspection.

These inspections help you keep up with the work the units need. After all, some tenants live in the same apartments for many years. If you only conduct inspections when they move out, a unit could go years without inspections.

Hiring a property manager simplifies this process. The firm handles the inspections according to an inspection schedule. You won't have to do the work.

When Investigating Complaints

You also should inspect units if you receive complaints from tenants or neighboring tenants. You may need to give your tenants two days' notice before conducting the inspections, so keep this in mind.

You must abide by all rental property inspection laws. The laws can change, so keeping up with them is challenging. This is another reason to consider hiring a property manager, as they'll handle this task, too.

Perform Rental Property Inspections According to a Schedule

Performing rental property inspections is a revealing process. It tells you the unit's condition and helps you determine what work to do. Inspections also help you keep up with safety issues.

Inspections are necessary and critical! But they take time and knowledge. Did you know you can hire a company to handle your inspections?

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