3 Benefits of Hiring a Full Service Property Management Company in Tacoma, WA

3 Benefits of Hiring a Full Service Property Management Company in Tacoma, WA

What if you no longer had to worry about maintenance requests, property tours, marketing, accounting; everything associated with renting out Tacoma real estate? With full-service property management services, it's all off your plate! Instead, you can sit back, relax, and know money is rushing to your account.

Not convinced you need help from a property management company? Read on to discover the top benefits you can experience as a property owner!

1. Find and Retain Tenants

The current vacancy rate in the US has increased to 6.1%. The longer your Tacoma real estate property remains vacant, the more money it will steal from your accounts. Before that happens, request Tacoma full-service property management.

Experienced property managers know how to find high-quality, reliable tenants. They'll start by marketing your rental property using high-quality photos. A multi-channel marketing strategy will ensure your listing appears in front of hundreds of potential renters.

Your property managers will also screen all applicants. Their tenant screening services will help you avoid troublesome tenants. You can choose renters with a history of paying on time.

Knowing you can trust them to take care of your investment property will give you peace of mind. Your property manager can improve tenant relations to help you keep tenants long-term.

You'll gain an ongoing source of income from your reliable tenants.

2. Avoid Legal Issues

New local, state, and federal housing regulations and laws go into effect every year. If you neglect to keep up with these changes, you could encourage legal issues. You may have to pay a hefty fine if you don't remain compliant.

Choose Tacoma property managers with experience navigating complex laws and regulations. In the meantime, review Washington's residential landlord-tenant laws. Your property managers can simplify these materials to help you avoid potential mistakes.

3. Maintain Your Investment

Keeping up with routine maintenance will allow you to protect your investment property. If it looks messy and shabby, you could struggle to attract renters. Fulfilling maintenance requests can also improve tenant relations.

A property manager can gather competitive bids from Tacoma contractors. They'll choose the most experienced and reliable vendors while ensuring you find the best prices.

If you don't fulfill maintenance requests in a timely manner, tenants could refuse to pay rent. They may not want to remain in your unit. You could start losing tenants, leading to vacancies.

Your property manager can help you discover new, more effective ways to operate. For example, you can have tenants use an online portal to submit their requests.

Request Full-Service Property Management in Tacoma

Owning and renting out Tacoma real estate can become time-consuming and stressful. You don't have to do it all alone! Instead, request full-service property management services this year.

With help from your Tacoma property managers, you can operate effectively and efficiently without stress!

Prioritize hiring an experienced team you can trust with your Tacoma property. PMI South Sound has nearly 20 years of industry experience that we can use to ensure your success. Contact us now to learn how we can help!